About Jeff Pollack

I have practiced law for 35 years since 1976 specializing in the field of mortgage loan law. I have successfully prosecuted numerous lawsuits against lenders including lawsuits to set aside foreclosures to restore the homeowners’ titles to their homes.

I have been invited on several occasions to give seminars to other attorneys in Alameda, San Francisco, and Sacramento counties concerning foreclosure defense and canceling mortgage loans under the federal Truth in Lending Act and other federal and state laws.

The numerous lawsuits I have successfully prosecuted over the last 35 years have involved:

  • Foreclosure Defense (stopping foreclosures before they occur and setting aside foreclosures after they occur)
  • Canceling mortgage loans based on violations of the federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
  • Canceling mortgage loans based on violations of the federal Home Ownership & Equity Protection Act (HOEPA)
  • Violations of the federal Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Mortgage broker fraud and negligence (for lying to borrowers about the terms of their loans or concealing important information from borrowers about their loans)
  • Canceling sales of homes by sellers in foreclosure in violation of Civil Code Sections 1695 et seq. governing home equity sales contracts
  • General Real Estate Litigation (Quiet Title, Partition, Constructive Trusts, real estate investment fraud)
  • Home Improvement Construction Contracts (defective construction, violations of statutes regulating contractors)
  • Consumer class actions involving mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, and sellers of other consumer services (door-to-door contractors, insurance, dating services, seminar sales, etc.)

I am experienced in litigating in California courts throughout the Bay Area as well as in federal Court.